6 Coffee Table Books Guaranteed To Sex Things Up

If you’re like me, most coffee table books bore you to tears. Want to peruse pictures of flowers? Puppies? Snowy woods, perhaps?

Well, no more! Here are 6 coffee table books that will instantly add a flavor of naughty fun to your living room. Go on. Indulge in one of these beauties and leave your guests feeling more adventurous in no time.

#1: Burlesque and the Art Of The Teese

You’ll find no nudity here. On the contrary, this book is all about the tease. Here, Dita pays tribute to cheeky 1940s pin-ups, fetish photography, and classic burlesque in this beautifully-produced volume. Everything about this read feels lavish and surprisingly addictive. You (and your guests) won’t be able to pull yourselves away. It’s sure to tickle anyone’s fancy.

#2: Viva’s Pinups: Bullet Bras and Backseat Betties

Viva’s collection of retro style pin-ups is the work of renowned photographer Viva Van Story. This book is very professionally done, capturing cheesecake poses reminiscent of  legends like Bettie Page. Like the Vargas Girls of old, the tone is light and playful, but with darker fetish undertones beneath its seamed stockings and strappy garters. A fun yet daring collection.


If you have never witnessed the photos of Nobuyoshi Araki, something beautiful is missing from your world. His flower photographs (as well as his bondage series and female portraits) have made him famous the world over. In fact, Lady Gaga is so in love with his work she got a tattoo in his honor. There are many Araki books of photography out there, but Araki Gold remains the definitive collection.

#4: High Voltage Tattoo by Kat Von D

This luxe hardcover tome has been described as “reminiscent of a handmade Gothic journal”.  Not only the photography, but the book itself feels sensual. With a red padded cover, ornate typography, and parchmentlike pages, it beautifully presents photos of naked flesh adorned with artful tattoos.

#5: Suicide Girls: Beauty Redefined

“What some people think makes us strange, or weird or fucked up, we think is what makes us beautiful”. That is the motto of the hugely successful Suicide Girls photography website. Featuring pin-up style photos of alternative beauties, this collection has a playful heart; but at the same time, it’s a little edgy, a little raw,and certainly a little different than anything else you’ll ever come across.

#6: Playboy 50 Years: The Photographs

And finally, if you’re looking for something more traditional, why not turn to Playboy? This book has it all, including classic shoots of the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Ursula Andress, Raquel Welch, and Catherine Deneuve. Feast your eyes.

So, what do you think of these choices? Is there a book with sexier spirit that we missed? If so, let us know…

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