Imelda May: Drop Dead Gorgeous Pin-Up Style…And Rockin’ Music!

Tight wiggle dresses, animal prints, a 50s curl (and a signature blonde stripe) at the front of her flawless pin-up hair, a touch of black 50s eyeliner, bright red lips, and tall heels. This chick’s swingin’ retro style is unforgettable!

Imelda May is the rockabilly singer in town. This girl has loads of attitude and is quickly taking the world by storm!

Yes, other musicians flirt with retro looks. Katy Perry and Christina Aguillera have had their moments. But this babe embraces it entirely. For her, it’s an identity. A religion. Even her music is filled out with with low-down stand up base and cherry red vintage guitars.

Take a look at this video for her song “Johnny Got a Boom Boom”, and you’ll see just what I mean:

Imelda is in the middle of a world tour at the moment. Check out her schedule and find out if she’s coming to a city near you. Her music is available on both iTunes and Amazon.

So, what do you think of her style? Do you know of any modern-day singer with more vintage flair?

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