Seamed Stockings: 1 Damn Sexy Accessory

Seamed stockings evoke a glamorous bygone era. On the surface, they’re demure enough for any workplace. They can be passed off as simple, old-fashioned, seemingly tame.

But the images they conjure in the subconscious are not tame at all.

These are accessories associated with sex symbols and classic fetish photographs; goddesses like Bettie Page, Mae West, and Marilyn come to mind. They make one picture garter belts, corsets, gorgeous pin-up beauties with raised eyebrows and loads of attitude. Somehow those two black lines trailing up the back of a pencil skirt spark a sexual excitement that is impossible to ignore.

Try them on for size, if you haven’t already. You’ll feel wicked, positively glamorous, as you go about your day, as if you were hosting your own private fetish party in plain view. Your new stockings will be visible to all but how they make you feel will be your dirty little secret…

Here are a few brands guaranteed to add a switch to your walk:

These Back Seam Tights by Gipsy are the most basic choice for the average day at the office. These are not thigh-highs, but a full pair of tights, producing a beautiful seamed look with all the simplicity of a regular pair of pantyhose.

The Ophelia Seamed Stockings by Kiss Me Deadly (photo at top) are a wonderful choice to wear with peep toes, strappy shoes, and sandals, as they are one of the only pairs manufactured with a completely sheer foot. (You will need to wear a suspender belt/garter belt with this model, however, making it not the most practical item for some women’s daily wear.)

Finally. if you’re a vintage purist, look no farther than the Dita Von Teese Hosiery Collection. These stockings all stay perfectly true to vintage style, including black-footed “cuban heels” (which square off at the heel) and “french heels” (which rise to a point on the back of the foot and trail up into the seams). Absolutely beautiful attached to your favorite corset or garter belt.

So, what do you think? Are you brave enough to wear seamed stockings? If so, what do you love so much about them? How do they make you feel?

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