New Must Have: Sex Jewelry

This substantial silver ring beautifully links the thumb and pointer finger.

But not only does it look killer, this gorgeous piece is also perfectly designed to give the ideal, mind-blowing, out-of-this-world sensual male massage!

The smooth heavy ring (dubbed the “Petting Ring”) is part of Betony Vernon’s extensive line of erotic jewelry. As you wear it around town it will make you feel deliciously naughty…and its real purpose will be your dirty little secret. (The only drawback is the price. $1,250.00 from Coco De Mer USA)

Betony Vernon has a long history in design, and I am seriously lusting after every piece in this beautiful collection (and maybe  her, too).  Just who does this former model cite as her ultimate style icon?  Marlene Dietrich! *swoon*. Such attitude! Such poise! Such style! This woman is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Just watch the following interview where she discusses her craft and gives a rare peek inside her exclusive invitation-only boutique in Paris.

Video, plus more beautiful jewelry, after the jump:

Each piece Vernon has created for this series is lush and elegant. Witness this necklace, for example. The braided leather and silver clasp around the neck while soft leather tails trail down the chest and decollete in a beautiful line. While on, it forms a flattering necklace; but when unclasped it stretches into one very naughty S&M toy–a supple leather whip. ($2,990.00 from Coco De Mer USA).

Or perhaps you prefer this bright tickler made of guinea feathers; perfect for a night of sensation play ($850, Coco De Mer USA):

Or this Cat Claw Ring, perfectly engineered to produce the opposite sensation. This beauty is not designed to be pushed down onto the finger, but to be secured over the tip of the finger only, resting at the base of the fingernail. The curved claw feels like an extension of your own fingertips, giving you the freedom to trail your new claws along the back (or head, or neck, or feet) of your lover…Catwoman, indeed. ($350 from Coco De Mer USA)

Here is a video of some of her sexiest pieces being modeled:

So, what do you think? Are these a must have, or over the top? What pieces of jewelry make you feel sexy?

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