Perfect Retro Red Lips

Nothing says retro like red lips.

Perfect lips are drop-dead sexy, and one of the two essentials of a true pin-up makeup look (the other being a subtle cat-eye, but more on that later).

There are a few things to remember when striving for retro lips. First, a bright cherry red color is essential, so steer clear of darker maroon or plum tones. Second, the key to a true pin-up lip is a matte finish, so avoid lip-gloss and shiny lipsticks.  And third, you want a flawless crisp look with no smudges. The edges should be carefully drawn so the final effect is in high contrast to the rest of your face.

Here is the way to do it, ladies:

1) Moisturize your lips with any lip balm or chap stick. (No one wants dry cracked lips. Do yourself a favor and start with a smooth moisturized surface.)

2) Paint base or concealer all over your lips. (This will conceal the pigment already in your lips and let the true color of the lipstick dazzle when you apply it).

3) Draw a line around your lips and then fill in the entire lip with a lip pencil. (This will establish a base color that will not rub off as the night goes on. It will also establish a crisp line of high contrast between your lips and skin.)

4) Fill in lips with a matte red lipstick.

5) Paint pale concealer around the lips and then use a makeup sponge to wipe away any excess and erase any lipstick smears or mistakes.

And there you have it: A flawless cherry-red smile worthy of a pin-up princess.

Video after the jump:

Take a look at this youtube video on lipstick application for some more helpful pointers. (Just remember to ignore her lip-gloss advice. Matte is what you want for a true retro look).

So, what do you think? Have any great lipstick application tips you’d like to share? Any specific brands/colors you absolutely love? If so, let us know…

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  1. Great post! I’ve always loved that perfect red pout yet whenever I try it, It ends up on my teeth and half way up my cheek by the time I get to work! Will defiantly be following your advice and hopefully will come up with better results than before ❤

    P.s. great blog, stumbled on your page by chance but I adore vintage lingerie so it's a great find. I have a post on its way about a collection of vintage bras and girdles I found in the basement at work the other day, might be something you'd enjoy ❤

    Anyway have a great day, take care xx

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