Ditch That Boring Wallet: These Retro Cigarette Cases Are Much More Fun!

Forget that old boring wallet you’ve been clinging to. It’s high time for a change!

Retro cigarette cases are the way to go. They’re slimmer, sleeker, and more eye-catching than that tired leather wallet. Think of this as the more organized more streamlined new you.

Much more after the jump:

There’s just enough room in these cases for a credit card, id, a couple of business cards, and some cash: everything a girl needs for a night (or day) out on the town. 99% of the time, those 4 items are all we need from our wallet, but if there are a few extras you can’t resist carrying (like quarters, stamp cards for your favorite sandwich shop, extra credit cards, etc) then consider stashing them in a cute little coin purse for that extra 1% of the time.

These cigarette cases are the best around. Cheeky, fun, sexy, and retro chic, they’re sure to please. Take a look!

A Wallet Case sporting a classic Gil Elvgren pinup:

Marilyn. Always a favorite:

Vintage leopard print:

The ever-glamorous Elizabeth Taylor (think Cat On A Hot Tin Roof):

Or cherries:

So, what do you think? Which of these retro wallet cases is your favorite? Is there another style out there you like even better? Let us know…

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