Sexy Photoshoots: Celebrities Embrace Pin-Up Poses

Mary Louise Parker in a promo shot for her hit show "Weeds"

Over the past few years more and more celebrities have been photographed in classic pin-up poses.

Whether sporting retro sunglasses and polka dot bathing suits like Marilyn, kicking their heels up in an oversized martini glass Dita style, or having their swing skirt and seamed stockings reveal a little too much (a la Gil Elvgren), dozens of stars have given playful nods to classic cheesecake and pin-up poses.

Many more photos after the jump:

Take Billie Piper (aka Belle Du Jour) in this Vargas-esque photoshoot for her Showtime series Secret Diary of A Call Girl:

Or Kat Von D and the cast of LA Ink in this retro cheesecake-styled TLC promo:

And this trend doesn’t just apply to small screen stars, either. Big timers like Hayden Panettiere, Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, Amanda Seyfried, Kristen Stewart, Mila Kunis, and Katherine Heigl have all taken the plunge. Check out this great slideshow of sexy celebrity shots!

So, what do you think? Which modern celeb does classic pin-up best?

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