Prepping For Your Pin-Up Photo Shoot: 5 Tips From A Pro!

Cardinal Cyn photographed by Shoshana of Through The Looking Glass Studio

When it comes to modern pin-up photography, Shoshana is one of the best!

As Editor and Chief Photographer of Pin Curl Magazine, this gal is on top of all the trends. She has produced stunning potraits of countless well-known burlesque stars and models (including Cardinal Cyn, Coco Lectric, Bondi Holly, Angi B. LovelyFemme Vivre La Rouge, and Ruby Joule)! She also helms Through The Looking Glass photography studio in Dallas which currently accepts both private and themed bookings.

The following  post at The Dirty Blonde Blog was contributed by none other than Shoshana herself! If you’ve ever thought about booking your own pin-up photography session then this post will give you the inside scoop on making the most of it. Just sit back and soak up these 5 steps to a perfect photo shoot, courtesy of a woman who really knows her stuff:

Much more (including photos!) after the jump.

Step 1: (A month or so before shoot day)

Do your research!   Research lots and lots of original pin-ups (Elvgren & Varga are good places to start) so you know what appeals to you, and what you want to focus on during your shoot.   Research as many photographers as you can, and make sure to choose one who specializes in pin-up (as opposed to boudoir) and one whose style you admire.

Step 2: (Weeks before shoot day)

Grab a friend and take simple cell phone or point and shoot pictures of your practicing pin-up poses and facial expressions- so you know what works for you and what doesn’t.  Creating a playful pin-up shot is 80% facial expression!

Step 3: (Shopping: A week before shoot day)

Feeling body conscious?  Get your wardrobe on your side!

Trick 1: A pair of “sheer to waist” panty hose will do amazing things like lift your bum and smooth your thighs!  Put them on first, then layer clothing on top.  Do they come up too high?  Cut them vertically along the seam carefully and fold them under.

Trick 2: Make sure you get real thigh high stockings- the ones that require a garter belt!  The ones with the rubberized tops are awful and will create a fat roll on your thigh no matter how thin you are!

Trick 3:  Make sure your wardrobe flatters you!  Try on what you are going to wear before shoot day!  Real corsets have metal “bones” and will do way more for cinching in your midriff than plastic “boned” versions.  Shapewear (IE girdles etc) were way in fashion in the 30-50s- take advantage! Above all else, find an outfit that you feel comfortable & confident in!

Step 4: (One or two days before your shoot) 

Get everything waxed/plucked/shaved.  Of course, you want to be as smooth as possible without creating razor bumps.  Also, get a manicure and pedicure, and moisturize and trim cuticles.  My favorite is pale pink or red nails- they are period appropriate and beautiful without being distracting.

Step 5: (Day of Shoot)

Tell your photographer everything!

Do you have a scar that you absolutely love and want to make sure it’s not removed in Photoshop- tell them.  Have you always hated your ________________(insert body part here) but love your _____________ (other body part)?  A good pin-up photographer will tailor poses that will feature your “good parts” and down play your “bad parts”.  Speak up!  Everything is perception- my idea of good may not be yours- and what’s important is that you are happy with your images!

And there you have it! Great advice from a great photographer. Just take a look at some of these beautiful shots:

Coco Lectric and Ruby Joule. Photo by Shoshana.

Bondi Holly. Photo by Shoshana.

Photo by Shoshana.

Which of her photos is your fave? Do you have any other tips for a perfect pin-up photo shoot? If so, please leave a comment and let us know…

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