James Dean’s Casual Cool: Shopping For Men’s Vintage Sunglasses!

The eternally-youthful James Dean embodies a certain iconic style. His presence oozes casual cool with a California flair, a hard-hitting fast-driving rebel beneath a polished retro-chic veneer.

Want your man to sport that same retro style?

Sunglasses are a key part of men’s 50s casual-wear that is almost always overlooked. Finding the right pair of sunglasses is key to an authentic head-to-toe ensemble. In fact, nothing can ruin a retro outfit faster than an utterly out-of place modern pair of aviators or ray-bans.

Luckily, the recipe for James-Dean-style shades is simple. Avoid modern squared-off frames and stick with rounder styles. All the mens’ sunglasses of the period were styled this way. Also, avoid solid plastic frames in favor of tortoiseshell, or a combination of wire and tortoiseshell. This will give you James’ laid-back California look.

Once you start looking, you’ll spot this vintage Persol style in many shops. Here are just a few examples.

More, including photos, after the jump:

Men's 50s-style tortoiseshell sunglasses, only 12.95 on ebay.

Authentic vintage Persol 714s (one of the most recognizable and iconic styles) available through VintageSunglassesShop.com.

So, what do you think? What is your favorite pair of 50s-style men’s sunglasses? Do you already have a pair you love? Leave a comment and let us know…

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