Beach Cruiser Bikes: How To Ride in Classic Summer Style

The Women's Micargi Tahiti Beach Cruiser in bright orange with white seat and white wall tires. $149.99 from

Beach cruiser bikes are heaven on a sunny day!

Get a little exercise, save on gas, help the environment, have fun…and even look great doing it. You can even add small baskets to the front or back to use it for quick shopping trips. Grocery store, book store, beach, or campus, these beauties fit the bill!

I’ve never been one for hardcore biking. Silly-looking compression shorts and tight moisture-wicking shirts aren’t exactly my style. But beach cruisers are built for an entirely different aesthetic.

These cruisers are breezy and casual. Feel free to ride them in a polka-dot sundress and some strappy sandals, or a cute pair of vintage capris and some Keds. And as far as that awkward-looking helmet goes? Keep it on for safety’s sake, but wrap a long scarf around it and tie it under your chin to give it a retro kick.

As far as bike selection goes, there are a few pointers to keep in mind if you want an authentic vintage look. First, classic white wall tires are a must. They look great, plus they’re fatter for easier balance and a smooth ride. Second, you want fenders on the front and back. This will keep any dust or mud from being kicked up onto your clothes as the tires spin. Third, seat and handle-bar color is important! Avoid black bicycle seats and handles, as they look too modern. Instead, opt for white if you’re pairing it with a really bright bicycle color like Orange, Hot Pink, or Turquoise. If your bike color is more muted, such as a Cream or Navy, opt for an elegant brown leather seat and handlebar pairing.

Follow these simple rules, and you’ll be riding in style in no time! Expect to spend anywhere from $100-$500 on a stylish ride.

The SixThreeZero Classic Edition 3-Speed with navy frame, white wall tires and light blue rims. $329.99 at

The beautiful Scholar SixThreeZero 3-Speed Women's Beach Cruiser Bike. Shown in cream "Cadillac" yellow with brown leather seat and white wall tires with orange rims. $329.99 from

Women's SixThreeZero Single Speed Cruiser in white with pink rims and brown leather seat. $269.99 from

So, what do you think? Found a great place to buy classic beach cruisers? Which style or color combination is your favorite? Do you already own a bike that you love? Leave a comment and let us know…

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