Gloves For Ladylike 50s Elegance

Retro gloves in Cream with ruffles from

Gloves are often overlooked nowadays. Even retro-loving fashionistas sometimes forget to include this elegant accessory in their wardrobe.

Gals may score the perfect 50s swing dress, paint on a flawless cat-eye, and learn to shape their hair into lovely Victory Rolls; but many ignore the final vintage touch: gloves.

There is no easy explanation for this. For whatever reason, gloves simply seem like a “costume” to many of us modern gals. We may go out on a limb to make a statement with shoes or dresses, but somehow gloves seem like a prop best reserved for Halloween.

But no longer.

Tip #1 for selecting gloves? Avoid costume shops! Too many of us have only tried on cheap, scratchy Halloween-style gloves. Sliding on gloves made for real wear will make a world of difference!

Tip #2: For day wear, stick with wrist-length gloves. Elbow or “opera-length” gloves will make them look like part of  a costume, so steer clear of those. (Yes, Audrey pulled off the look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but we mere mortals can look a little silly sporting over-the-elbow black opera gloves and diamonds in the middle of the day.)

Tip #3: Avoid sparkly fabrics, cheap scratchy rayon, and shiny satin. These all lend either a cheap costume vibe or an evening look, which is not what you’re going for. Instead, stick with cotton or polyester for day wear.

Tip #4: Feminine details are always lovely! Small ruffles, subtle dots, a crocheted pattern, or small flowers can take a simple glove up a notch.

Lovely "Lolita" Crochet Dahlia Gloves. $19.95 from

So, what do you think? Which gloves are your favorite? Have you found any great shops for ladylike retro gloves? Leave a comment and let us know…

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