Get These Nails: The Perfect Red Polish For Pin-ups!

A true pin-up wears red nails 24/7. In fact, with the possible exception of  red lipstick, it’s the one thing she simply can’t live without.


Bright red nails make a statement. They go with everything. They stand out. They’re incredibly bold and bright and they absolutely shout sex appeal. This magical hue is simultaneously traditional enough for an office meeting, flirty enough for a picnic, casual enough for lounging poolside with an oversized pair of vintage sunglasses, and vampy enough for the most show-stopping bombshell of an evening gown.

However, finding the perfect red can be difficult.

We gals don’t want darker reds verging on maroon, nor do we want to go too far the other way and slip into orange, coral, or pink (which can clash with skin or clothing). A true red is universal. It can be paired with any outfit at any time.

Finally, after much searching, that true red has been found. The new All For Eve red nail polish fits the bill in every way. (And FYI, the All For Eve organization was also founded to raise money for female cancer research, which is always a plus.)

All For Eve: the world's most perfect red polish.

So give it a try today! You won’t be sorry.

Have you found another shade of vintage red that you love even more? Leave a comment and let us know…

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