Fashion Secrets: Wearing What You LOVE And Finding Your Signature Style!!!

My God, do I love Halloween!!!

At this time of year, even the most shy and conservative among us feel perfectly comfortable bar-hoping in a corset and fishnets, or sporting a killer red dress they would never wear on a normal night.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

On Halloween, deciding “what we’re going to be” is often just an afterthought. Many of us simply dress in whatever makes us feel sexy (be it a hip-hugging black dress, a bustle, or a flowing skirt), and throw on a few accents at the end (like devil horns, cat ears or angel wings) to give the costume a label.

My question is: why can’t we women take this to heart the rest of the year? Yes, yes, I know we can’t possibly show up at work looking like Gaga or the Wicked Witch of the West; but we need to think–really think–about which clothes make us giddy with happiness and which don’t.

Don’t dress out of habit!

Instead, start with this simple thought: “What things do I love? What am I passionate about?” If you can answer those questions, you’re already half way to finding your style.

Do you love the allure of a different era like the Victorian period or the 1950s? The brightly-lit, high-contrast world of comic books? The sensual texture of feathers, fur, or leather? 

You do? Then embrace it! Make that your signature!

You don’t need to dress in the full regalia of a Victorian lady to affect some of that mystique. Find some impressive victorian jewelry (like cameos, memento mori rings, or pendants) or accessories with hints of frilly old-fashioned lace, and combine that with your normal business attire.

Like comics or video games? Try choosing bright colors. Dye your hair an exaggerated shade (And I don’t mean an unnatural shade like blue or green, but a beautiful megawatt hue of red, blonde, or brunette)  and try shaping it into controlled pin-up styles. Or simply ask yourself what your favorite character would wear. Hmm…how would a gal like Silk Spectre dress for a day job? How about Mary Jane? Harley Quinn?

Or perhaps you are tantalized by complicated lingerie? If you love the naughty feel of a garter belt and thigh-highs, there’s no reason you can’t rock that every day! The same goes for a corset. If you’re usually self-conscious about your shape, and you love the killer curves a corset gives you, why not cinch one on while you’re dressing and have a reminder of your sexiness all day long? (After all, no one will ever know unless you let them in on your little secret.)

Clothing can be rebellious. It can be sensual. It can make you feel very very powerful if you harness it.

So, my advice: be conscious of how great you feel in your Halloween costume this year. Remember it. Really cherish that sexy, sassy feeling; and try to feel that wonderful about what you put on every morning of your life.

What do you think? Do you have a personal style? If so, what is it? How did you develop it? Leave a comment and let us know…

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