Luxurious Faux Furs: A Vintage Must-Have For Winter!


It’s hard to imagine a black and white film where Greta Garbo, Jayne Mansfield, or the like did not drape themselves in this ultimate winter indulgence. In the 30s 40s and 50s, furs were all the rage. These items were so luxurious and expensive as to be almost unattainable, the ultimate symbol of wealth and elegance.

However, with prices of authentic fur coats so high (not to mention PETA campaigns souring desire for the real thing) faux fur is now the way to go. Snap up one of these silky-soft beauties, if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it!

A beautiful coat is not only a wardrobe staple, but a thing to fall in love with. Choose one of the following styles and make an elegant vintage statement during the icy winter months!

Lucky 13 Red Faux Fur Swing Coat ($70)

Vintage Style Faux Chinchilla in Rich Brown ($270)

Black Faux Fur Half Coat Borgana Jacket (Only $40!)

Available in Black, White, Cream, and Chocolate. ($233) Shown in White at top of post.

So, what do you think? Which faux fur style is your favorite? Have you found another winter fur that you like better? Leave a comment and let us know…

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  1. I like “Lucky 13 Red Faux Fur Swing Coat”- looks much more “extravaganza”

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