Beautiful Bustles For Burlesque Babes!

Gorgeous corsets are common in the burlesque world, but the bustle is an often-overlooked costume piece that is just as essential!

The right bustle cinches in your waist that extra bit and rounds out your hips and ass in a dramatic curve that really enhances your sexy shape. Tall or petite, thin or fleshy, a bustle exaggerates your figure and really makes your look stand out onstage!

Plus, they’re quite versatile. Bustles can be worn around the shoulders as an adorable cape and some short bustles can even be turned around and used as a frilly apron.

Here are 10 of our favorite burlesque bustles in an array of colors and styles. Or, if you prefer to make your own costumes, look to the end of this post for a step-by-step bustle making guide and comprehensive DIY video!

Blue Satin Bustle by Fairy Goth Mother

Ivory Satin Bustle By Fairy Goth Mother

Blood Orange Bustle by KrakenWhip on Etsy

Long Pink Bustle by Pierced Heart on Etsy

Steampunk Diva bustle and shrug by GothicBurlesque on Etsy

Red And Black bustle by Leg Avenue

Turning Japanese bustle by Love Child Boudoir

Absinthe Goddess bustle by GothicBurlesque on Etsy

Company Of Wolves bustle by Love Child Boudoir

If you enjoy making your own costumes, bustles are a relatively easy DIY project to take on. Follow this guide for a step-by-step walkthrough, or watch the following awesome tutorial video:

Which bustle is your favorite? Have you found any other awesome bustles for sale? If so, show us where. Have you tried making your own bustle? If so, leave a comment and link to a photo of your final product…

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