Video Of The Dirty Blonde’s Debut Burlesque Performance!

Performing burlesque for the first time was the biggest thrill in the world! What is it about glitter, rhinestones, and twirling pasties that feels so right?

Here is video from my very first night on stage as a burlesque performer. Hope you love it!

See anything you like in this act? Have suggestions about ways I could improve? Leave a comment and let me know…

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  1. Zandra (Adi Pose)

    You did great! Congratulations on your debut and on getting into DBF4! For suggestions, I would say take your time to make your moves more sensual. Your movements are very well thought out and are very sexy. Don’t cheat your audience out of it. You definitely want to keep pace with the music, but you don’t have to keep every beat. It will add a bit more tease and it will leave the audience panting. Also, when you are stripping, put your clothes to the side. It will allow you to work the center stage easier so you don’t have to be so mindful of their placement while you’re dancing. It will keep you from slipping on them or accidentally stepping on anything so you can continue to work the stage. Otherwise, you were great. Great stage presence. I’m so super proud of you! You have so much to add to the scene and seriously, if you did this well at your first performance, people better watch out for you after a year. You are going to blow audiences away. 🙂

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