Latex Fashions (part 2): Sexy, Sleek, Beautiful, And Absolutely Over-The Top Costumes!

Latex Custom Couture Dress by Vex Clothing ( - One-of-a-kind My Fair Lady ascot gown made entirely of latex!

Perfect for the burlesque stage or high concept themed photoshoot, these outfits are not for the timid, but they are attention-getting and fun!

Smooth and shiny and in bold high contrast colors, latex packs a punch for burlesque performances, especially if you’re portraying an animated character or enacting a super-kinky concept.

There are many gorgeous latex outfits out there, but here are a few creations that can really dazzle onstage. Far from the standard black dominatrix wear or simple nurse outfit, these couture latex costumes are true works of art! Click on any of the pics for order information and more about the designers. Have a look:

Star Wars Inspired Rubber Latex Catsuit by Shhh Couture (

Super Mario Inspired 2 Piece Latex Cosplay Outfit (

Snow White Evil Queen Inspired Costume by The Venus Prototype Latex Store on Etsy

Latex Marilyn Monroe 7 Year Itch Inspired Dress by Nimue's Latex (

Long Sleeve Latex Stewardess Costume (available at

Latex Wonder Woman Costume by Nimue's Latex Fashions (

Latex Aeon Flux Inspired Costume by Shhh Couture (

The Latex "Material Girl" Dress From Liberator. (

So, which of these costumes is your favorite? Found an even sexier site for latex wear? Have an amazing latex costume you’ve used for a photo shoot or an act? Leave a comment and let us know…

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