Please “Like” This Tassel-Twirling Video And Send The Dirty Blonde To New Orleans!!!

Please “like” this Youtube video and send me to perform in New Orleans! (Just click this link and hit “like”. It’s that simple!)

It’s official, folks! I’m a finalist in the Shake Our Souls Burlesque Competition!!!

What’s that, you ask? Why, that means that out of a field of hundreds of performers, my classic burlesque act has been selected as one of the final 3, and I’m so happy I could burst! Finalists have until the end of May to each get as many “likes” as they can for their videos. By the end of May, whoever’s Youtube video has the most “likes” wins a free trip to New Orleans and gets to perform there with Slow Burn Burlesque!!!

The competition is sponsored by the amazing new documentary “Save Our Souls“, a film about the kick-ass Slow Burn Burlesque troupe and the beat of burlesque in post-Katrina New Orleans. It takes us on a wild feather-and-glitter-filled romp through a city that has been “destroyed and rebuilt one pastie at a time”. Check it out! It’s truly an fun, intense, and beautiful movie.

The other two finalists are the amazing Lula Hoop-Garou of Dallas and Lady Jack of Chicago, and I feel so incredibly honored to be in their company! These are some seriously talented performers. So go to this YouTube site and like a video. Like 2 videos. Hell, like all 3 finalists if their videos all tickle your fancy. But one way or another, please get involved in this competition and help a lovely lady live her dream of performing in New Orleans!!!

And if you really want to lend a hand, here is a tweet you can send out and a short post you can put on Facebook. Thank you so much for voting and for spreading the word! It really means the world to me! *big hugs and kisses*

Please tweet this:

“Like” this tassel-twirling video and help a sassy burlesque performer! @_TheDirtyBlonde #burlesque @ThatBrlsqMovie

Please post this to Facebook:

I love this burlesque performer! Please GO TO HER YOUTUBE VIDEO, CLICK “LIKE” and help her win a trip to perform in New Orleans! Warning: Amazing tassel twirling ahead!!!

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  1. Consider it done. Cool video!

  2. keep up the energy girl. love the tassels and the curves.

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