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Retro Kindle/iPad cases for Vintage Gals!

We may be stuck in the glamorous past when it comes to fashion, but we pin-up girls still love our modern conveniences!

Stark electronics like Kindles and iPads are incredibly useful, but they also had the potential to clash with our vintage looks…until now. Here is a list of must-have  retro-themed Kindle and iPad cases that will blow your mind! Read the rest of this entry

Fashion Secrets: Wearing What You LOVE And Finding Your Signature Style!!!

My God, do I love Halloween!!!

At this time of year, even the most shy and conservative among us feel perfectly comfortable bar-hoping in a corset and fishnets, or sporting a killer red dress they would never wear on a normal night.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

On Halloween, deciding “what we’re going to be” is often just an afterthought. Many of us simply dress in whatever makes us feel sexy (be it a hip-hugging black dress, a bustle, or a flowing skirt), and throw on a few accents at the end (like devil horns, cat ears or angel wings) to give the costume a label.

My question is: why can’t we women take this to heart the rest of the year? Yes, yes, I know we can’t possibly show up at work looking like Gaga or the Wicked Witch of the West; but we need to think–really think–about which clothes make us giddy with happiness and which don’t.

Don’t dress out of habit!

Instead, start with this simple thought: “What things do I love? What am I passionate about?” If you can answer those questions, you’re already half way to finding your style.

Do you love the allure of a different era like the Victorian period or the 1950s? The brightly-lit, high-contrast world of comic books? The sensual texture of feathers, fur, or leather? 

You do? Then embrace it! Make that your signature!

You don’t need to dress in the full regalia of a Victorian lady to affect some of that mystique. Find some impressive victorian jewelry (like cameos, memento mori rings, or pendants) or accessories with hints of frilly old-fashioned lace, and combine that with your normal business attire.

Like comics or video games? Try choosing bright colors. Dye your hair an exaggerated shade (And I don’t mean an unnatural shade like blue or green, but a beautiful megawatt hue of red, blonde, or brunette)  and try shaping it into controlled pin-up styles. Or simply ask yourself what your favorite character would wear. Hmm…how would a gal like Silk Spectre dress for a day job? How about Mary Jane? Harley Quinn? Read the rest of this entry

James Dean’s Casual Cool: Shopping For Men’s Vintage Sunglasses!

The eternally-youthful James Dean embodies a certain iconic style. His presence oozes casual cool with a California flair, a hard-hitting fast-driving rebel beneath a polished retro-chic veneer.

Want your man to sport that same retro style?

Sunglasses are a key part of men’s 50s casual-wear that is almost always overlooked. Finding the right pair of sunglasses is key to an authentic head-to-toe ensemble. In fact, nothing can ruin a retro outfit faster than an utterly out-of place modern pair of aviators or ray-bans.

Luckily, the recipe for James-Dean-style shades is simple. Avoid modern squared-off frames and stick with rounder styles. All the mens’ sunglasses of the period were styled this way. Also, avoid solid plastic frames in favor of tortoiseshell, or a combination of wire and tortoiseshell. This will give you James’ laid-back California look.

Once you start looking, you’ll spot this vintage Persol style in many shops. Here are just a few examples.

More, including photos, after the jump: Read the rest of this entry

Awesome Retro Lunchboxes!

"Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" lunchbox featuring Tura Satana

If you’re a vintage-loving gal faithfully sporting pencil skirts, pin curls, red nail polish, and wiggle dresses on a daily basis, then why spoil the look by toting a boring litttle lunch bag?

Here are 8 lunchboxes with a real kick, sporting stles of the ’60s, ’50s, and even ’30s! From Tura Satana to Bettie Page, Coca Cola pin-ups to Bettie Boop, bathing beauties, and more, these lunchboxes have what it takes! Go on. Grab one of these eye-catching designs and express your style!

Read the rest of this entry

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