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Latex Fashions (part 2): Sexy, Sleek, Beautiful, And Absolutely Over-The Top Costumes!

Latex Custom Couture Dress by Vex Clothing ( - One-of-a-kind My Fair Lady ascot gown made entirely of latex!

Perfect for the burlesque stage or high concept themed photoshoot, these outfits are not for the timid, but they are attention-getting and fun!

Smooth and shiny and in bold high contrast colors, latex packs a punch for burlesque performances, especially if you’re portraying an animated character or enacting a super-kinky concept.

There are many gorgeous latex outfits out there, but here are a few creations that can really dazzle onstage. Far from the standard black dominatrix wear or simple nurse outfit, these couture latex costumes are true works of art! Click on any of the pics for order information and more about the designers. Have a look:

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Beautiful Bustles For Burlesque Babes!

Gorgeous corsets are common in the burlesque world, but the bustle is an often-overlooked costume piece that is just as essential!

The right bustle cinches in your waist that extra bit and rounds out your hips and ass in a dramatic curve that really enhances your sexy shape. Tall or petite, thin or fleshy, a bustle exaggerates your figure and really makes your look stand out onstage!

Plus, they’re quite versatile. Bustles can be worn around the shoulders as an adorable cape and some short bustles can even be turned around and used as a frilly apron.

Here are 10 of our favorite burlesque bustles in an array of colors and styles. Or, if you prefer to make your own costumes, look to the end of this post for a step-by-step bustle making guide and comprehensive DIY video! Read the rest of this entry

Ideal Eye-Catching Burlesque Gloves!

Burlesque babes will love love love these new shirred shoulder gloves (available now from Black Cat Closet)!

These silky gloves catch the light beautifully and come in 10 different eye-poppingly bright colors such as emerald green, fuschia, red, purple, and more. They also feature ruching all the way up their sides, which makes them sit elegantly on your arm (no unsightly bunching or clumping here).

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New “Deco” Lingerie Line From WKD is Red Hot!

The incredibly eye-catching bra, garter belt, and knickers from What Katie Did's new "Deco" lingerie line.

What Katie Did has long been known for it’s beautiful re-creations of vintage lingerie. Their products show elaborate attention to detail, giving us modern women access to authentic retro lingerie styles.

And their new “Deco” line is no exception! This style is simple yet incredibly bold and looks phenomenal on stage. With its deep black satin and impossible-to-miss red trim, this line is appropriate for both burlesque beauties looking to wow their audiences and stylish women wanting to wow their man.

Indeed, this line looks great either by candlelight or under the stage lights. And if you’re looking for yet another way to show it off, the beautiful red and black satin would even look great peeking out under a tight angora sweater! Read the rest of this entry

Object Of Lust For Burlesque Babes: HUGE Plush Feather Boa With Rhinestone Balls!

The show-stopping Red Ostrich Feather Boa in Large from Faire Frou Frou.

Burlesque performers, prepare to experience extreme boa envy!

This plush maribou ostrich feather boa is show-stoppingly gorgeous! It’s nearly 10 feet long, well over a foot and a half thick, and comes equipped with four gorgeous Swarovski-Crystal-encrusted ball accents for awe-inspiring sparkle.

More, including video, after the jump:

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Object Of Lust: Velda Lauder Corsets!

Any burlesque babe worth her salt has a secret craving for Velda Lauder.

Expensive? You bet. But these over-the-top show-stoppingly gorgeous costume pieces are worth every penny! She has even designed pieces for burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese! I’m absolutely lusting after the Pink Glitter Overbust Curve Corset (pictured above), even if the price tag is giving me pause.

Honeys lingerie boutique has almost all of her styles in stock, and at very competitive prices. Here are some of my favorites!

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