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Burlesque Swap N Shop THIS SUNDAY noon to 5 at the Dallas School of Burlesque!


Come on down for the fabulous Burlesque Swap n Shop this Sunday, Nov 16 from noon to 5 at the Dallas School of Burlesque!!! Address is 2924 Main St.

Local burlesque performers will be selling their costumes, accessories, vintage clothing, and craft supplies! Come by the Dallas School of Burlesque and see all the fabulousness! You may find the costume for your next routine, props for your photo shoot or a great new outfit!

Vendors may or may not accept credit cards. Each vendor is responsible for their own sales.

This event is free to vend, and free to shop! So come out and have a great time! We’ll see you there!

Current vendors include:
Pashionata Fair
Ginger Rockafella
FemmeVivre LaRouge
Jessica Dahl
Jen Ann Tonic
Lillith Karen Grey
Outlaw Annie
Melissa Meaow
Cat de Lynn
Rachel Anthony
Lemme Addams
Hana Li
Pixie O’Kneel
Susan Harper

Video Of The Dirty Blonde’s Kick-Ass New Orleans Performance!

The Dirty Blonde had the honor of performing in New Orleans 2 weeks ago with the amazing Slow Burn Burlesque troupe, and she had a blast!!! Here’s video of that raunchy yet glamorous performance at The Howlin’ Wolf. Watch as she gets a packed house on their feet!:

The Dirty Blonde Performs Live In New Orleans This Saturday With Slow Burn Burlesque!

The Dirty Blonde performs live in New Orleans this Saturday night!!!

For one night only, Slow Burn Burlesque presents the glitziest, raunchiest, wildest burlesque this side of the bayou. This incredible troupe won “Best Group Performance” at The Southern Fried Burlesque Festival, and they’re absolutely positively guaranteed to knock your socks off! Throw The Dirty Blonde’s bumpin’ grindin’ and tassel twirlin’ in the mix, and this is gonna be one hell of a show!!!

Seriously, snap your Saturday night tickets while you still can. (Only $15 for General Admission, and that’s quite a deal for an action-packed night like this!) Read the rest of this entry

The Big Reveal: Cheeky Undies

The Maison Belle De Nuit panty.

Everyone loves a little cheek!

While stripping down during a burlesque reveal, we always strive for each piece of clothing (even our final skimpiest pieces) to be beautiful. Why start with an elegant sequined gown and elaborate feather-and-rhinestone-encrusted headpiece only to present yourself at the finale in a cheap boring thong from Electrique Boutique? (yawn)

Next time, try one of these beauties instead! Read the rest of this entry

“Butthoven’s 5th Symphony” by Michelle L’Amour. I…I Just Couldn’t Stop Watching…

Every so often I like to take the time to highlight some of the truly innovative, impressive burlesque performances out there.

Is this one innovative? Impressive? Spectacular?  Well, I’m not sure exactly how to classify it at all, but this act by Michelle L’Amour sure gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “cheeky performance”. It nearly had me rolling on the damn floor!

Just take a look:

Michelle L’amour performs “BUTTHOVEN’S 5TH SYMPHONY” from franky vivid on Vimeo.


“Crazy Horse” Premiers in Dallas This Friday!

The hot burlesque documentary Crazy Horse opens this Friday at The Angelika Theater!

Since its founding in Paris in 1951, the Crazy Horse has set the standard worldwide for elegant, elaborate, and breathtakingly beautiful strip tease. This new documentary by Frederick Wiseman takes us backstage for the first time, giving us a look at the countless hours of practice, choreography, and costuming spent behind the scenes to put on such a spectacular one-of-a-kind production!

This film is a must for burlesque performers looking to hone their craft! Watching consummate professionals like these strut their stuff on film will not fail to impress, and the jaw-dropping costume and lighting effects in this movie alone will leave you floored. Read the rest of this entry

How To Produce Kick-Ass Burlesque Shows! – The Great Vivienne Vermuth Talks Getting Into The Business, Finding Inspiration, And Surefire Ways To Get Any Audience On Their Feet


Vivienne Vermuth is a professional makeup artist and performer who has produced one-of-a-kind burlesque shows for many years. Her over-the-top productions have a reputation for incredible success, regularly selling out venues and attracting a rabid following of loyal fans.

Want to see her in action? Vivienne’s next production is the Vaudevillian World’s-Fair-themed “Showgirl Follies” in Dallas on Friday, Feb 25th! She can also be found debuting an incredible new act in the upcoming Viva Dallas “Technicolor Fairy Tales” on March 2!

Kick back and enjoy our lovely interview with this talented burlesque pro: Read the rest of this entry

Latex Fashions (part 2): Sexy, Sleek, Beautiful, And Absolutely Over-The Top Costumes!

Latex Custom Couture Dress by Vex Clothing ( - One-of-a-kind My Fair Lady ascot gown made entirely of latex!

Perfect for the burlesque stage or high concept themed photoshoot, these outfits are not for the timid, but they are attention-getting and fun!

Smooth and shiny and in bold high contrast colors, latex packs a punch for burlesque performances, especially if you’re portraying an animated character or enacting a super-kinky concept.

There are many gorgeous latex outfits out there, but here are a few creations that can really dazzle onstage. Far from the standard black dominatrix wear or simple nurse outfit, these couture latex costumes are true works of art! Click on any of the pics for order information and more about the designers. Have a look:

Read the rest of this entry

Sunday Spotlight: The Red Hot “Vaudezilla” Troupe of Chicago!

Burlesque troupes don’t get much hottter than Vaudezilla!

Created in 2008 by burlesque superstar Red Hot Annie, this production company has been a force to be reckoned with from the beginning. This talented group is a subject of the new documentary film “What A Tease!” and are setting a whole new standard in Chicago for burlesque variety shows.

One of the strengths of this troupe is its incredible diversity! Instead of pulling together burlesque starlets with very similar styles, Vaudezilla casts a wide net, in the tradition of classic vaudeville productions. Read the rest of this entry

Stage Kitten 101: The Ultimate Secrets Of Stage Kittening From A Burlesque Pro!

Never stage kittened before? Not even sure what the heck a stage kitten is? Well, take a look at this expert stage kittening how-to put together by cheeky burlesque star Zenda LaBelle!

Zenda is a member of The Starlets burlesque troupe in Dallas, and is well known for her saucy performances. She also has an impressive amount of stage kittening experience. As you will see, this star believes that stage kittening is the best way to get to know the burlesque performers in your area and the ins and outs of this great business…all while having a lot of fun! Read the rest of this entry

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