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Sexy Photoshoots: Celebrities Embrace Pin-Up Poses

Mary Louise Parker in a promo shot for her hit show "Weeds"

Over the past few years more and more celebrities have been photographed in classic pin-up poses.

Whether sporting retro sunglasses and polka dot bathing suits like Marilyn, kicking their heels up in an oversized martini glass Dita style, or having their swing skirt and seamed stockings reveal a little too much (a la Gil Elvgren), dozens of stars have given playful nods to classic cheesecake and pin-up poses.

Many more photos after the jump:

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6 Coffee Table Books Guaranteed To Sex Things Up

If you’re like me, most coffee table books bore you to tears. Want to peruse pictures of flowers? Puppies? Snowy woods, perhaps?

Well, no more! Here are 6 coffee table books that will instantly add a flavor of naughty fun to your living room. Go on. Indulge in one of these beauties and leave your guests feeling more adventurous in no time.

#1: Burlesque and the Art Of The Teese

You’ll find no nudity here. On the contrary, this book is all about the tease. Here, Dita pays tribute to cheeky 1940s pin-ups, fetish photography, and classic burlesque in this beautifully-produced volume. Everything about this read feels lavish and surprisingly addictive. You (and your guests) won’t be able to pull yourselves away. It’s sure to tickle anyone’s fancy.

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