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Choosing Your Burlesque Name: A Fun And Fabulous Step-By-Step Guide!

Burlesque is all about self-promotion! Here’s your ultimate guide to choosing an absolutely perfect, sexy, sassy, over-the-top, and utterly-unforgettable name that will make you shine!

When choosing a name for yourself in the burlesque world, there are three big factors to keep in mind: 1) Is it original?, 2)Is it memorable?, and 3) Does it fit your personality? Read the rest of this entry

Dita Designs New Lingerie Line For Target!

I love love LOVE Dita’s new “Von Follies” lingerie line!

These beautiful 50s-inspired underthings will debut at Target Australia in February of 2012 and then in other countries later next year.

I love that the collection will also feature overwire bras (a quirky and very authentic vintage touch) as well as corselettes, garter belts, and high-waisted panties, all with gorgeous ribbon and lace detailing. As Dita puts it, this is underwear that is “meant to be seen”.

I couldn’t agree more.

More pics after the jump: Read the rest of this entry

Dita’s Amazing New Interview: Sex And The Magic Of Self-Created Glamour

Here is the Video from the mesmerizing recent interview Dita did for The Guardian. Take a look!

Watch as she beautifully puts into words exactly what burlesque means to her and to so many other women out there. She talks vividly about the elegance of “created beauty” (for example, seeing sculpture, painting, architecture, fashion, corsetry, and makeup as superior to natural beauty in many ways).

She also discusses using fashion and makeup as a way to morph into what you truly want to be, and about doing this as a means of “self-creation” and “self-expression” that’s very empowering.

Elegant and inspiring, as always!

Object Of Lust For Burlesque Babes: HUGE Plush Feather Boa With Rhinestone Balls!

The show-stopping Red Ostrich Feather Boa in Large from Faire Frou Frou.

Burlesque performers, prepare to experience extreme boa envy!

This plush maribou ostrich feather boa is show-stoppingly gorgeous! It’s nearly 10 feet long, well over a foot and a half thick, and comes equipped with four gorgeous Swarovski-Crystal-encrusted ball accents for awe-inspiring sparkle.

More, including video, after the jump:

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Object Of Lust: Velda Lauder Corsets!

Any burlesque babe worth her salt has a secret craving for Velda Lauder.

Expensive? You bet. But these over-the-top show-stoppingly gorgeous costume pieces are worth every penny! She has even designed pieces for burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese! I’m absolutely lusting after the Pink Glitter Overbust Curve Corset (pictured above), even if the price tag is giving me pause.

Honeys lingerie boutique has almost all of her styles in stock, and at very competitive prices. Here are some of my favorites!

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Sexy Photoshoots: Celebrities Embrace Pin-Up Poses

Mary Louise Parker in a promo shot for her hit show "Weeds"

Over the past few years more and more celebrities have been photographed in classic pin-up poses.

Whether sporting retro sunglasses and polka dot bathing suits like Marilyn, kicking their heels up in an oversized martini glass Dita style, or having their swing skirt and seamed stockings reveal a little too much (a la Gil Elvgren), dozens of stars have given playful nods to classic cheesecake and pin-up poses.

Many more photos after the jump:

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Seamed Stockings: 1 Damn Sexy Accessory

Seamed stockings evoke a glamorous bygone era. On the surface, they’re demure enough for any workplace. They can be passed off as simple, old-fashioned, seemingly tame.

But the images they conjure in the subconscious are not tame at all.

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6 Coffee Table Books Guaranteed To Sex Things Up

If you’re like me, most coffee table books bore you to tears. Want to peruse pictures of flowers? Puppies? Snowy woods, perhaps?

Well, no more! Here are 6 coffee table books that will instantly add a flavor of naughty fun to your living room. Go on. Indulge in one of these beauties and leave your guests feeling more adventurous in no time.

#1: Burlesque and the Art Of The Teese

You’ll find no nudity here. On the contrary, this book is all about the tease. Here, Dita pays tribute to cheeky 1940s pin-ups, fetish photography, and classic burlesque in this beautifully-produced volume. Everything about this read feels lavish and surprisingly addictive. You (and your guests) won’t be able to pull yourselves away. It’s sure to tickle anyone’s fancy.

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Dita Von Teese: A Fetish For Fashion

Dita is well-known for her couture corsets, perfect pin-up makeup, and flawless outfits.

This goddess seems to take an almost fetishistic pride in her appearance…And why shouldn’t she? After all, this is the woman who almost singlehandedly sparked the modern burlesque movement. She’s entitled, damnit.

So, take a look at this wonderful interview where she explains the true origins of her vintage obsession. A very thoughtful analysis of the burlesque and pin-up scene, asserting that her beauty is entirely “created” and that “anyone can create this”…”anyone can do what I do”. I can’t say enough great things about this video. Take a look:

So, what do you think? Are you as surprised as I am by her kittenish soft-spoken voice? Somehow, I expected her speaking style to be as brazen and in-your-face as her performances. And yet I’m not disappointed. In a way, it softens her. In fact, I think her quiet intelligence makes her seem more relatable and almost vulnerable…You?

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