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Latex Fashions (part 1): Colorful Cartoonish Pinup Dresses!

The Lily Wiggle Dress from Available in a variety of assorted colors!

I’m sure latex is not your go-to fabric for everyday wear. These glossy ultra-form-fitting duds are a bit much for a casual lunch at the coffee shop down the street, but they’re a perfect choice for the stage, for photo shoots, or for that once a year totally-over-the-top party you’ve been invited to!

One thing’s for certain: wherever you go, a latex outfit is sure to get you noticed.┬áThis sleek plasticized material gives wearers an ultra-crisp, almost cartoonish appearance (Think Katy Perry or Wonder Woman).

There are a slew of online boutiques featuring latex pin-up inspired couture, and many of their fashions are miles away from the one-dimensional black latex dominatrix wear of years past.

On the contrary, these styles are candy-colored, ruffly, patterned, and altogether playful!  Here are a few favorites from ultra-hot designers Pandora Deluxe, Inner Sanctum, and Maggie Delena (click on the pictures for more info on these sexy clothing lines!): Read the rest of this entry

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