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Latex Fashions (part 2): Sexy, Sleek, Beautiful, And Absolutely Over-The Top Costumes!

Latex Custom Couture Dress by Vex Clothing ( - One-of-a-kind My Fair Lady ascot gown made entirely of latex!

Perfect for the burlesque stage or high concept themed photoshoot, these outfits are not for the timid, but they are attention-getting and fun!

Smooth and shiny and in bold high contrast colors, latex packs a punch for burlesque performances, especially if you’re portraying an animated character or enacting a super-kinky concept.

There are many gorgeous latex outfits out there, but here are a few creations that can really dazzle onstage. Far from the standard black dominatrix wear or simple nurse outfit, these couture latex costumes are true works of art! Click on any of the pics for order information and more about the designers. Have a look:

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Latex Fashions (part 1): Colorful Cartoonish Pinup Dresses!

The Lily Wiggle Dress from Available in a variety of assorted colors!

I’m sure latex is not your go-to fabric for everyday wear. These glossy ultra-form-fitting duds are a bit much for a casual lunch at the coffee shop down the street, but they’re a perfect choice for the stage, for photo shoots, or for that once a year totally-over-the-top party you’ve been invited to!

One thing’s for certain: wherever you go, a latex outfit is sure to get you noticed.┬áThis sleek plasticized material gives wearers an ultra-crisp, almost cartoonish appearance (Think Katy Perry or Wonder Woman).

There are a slew of online boutiques featuring latex pin-up inspired couture, and many of their fashions are miles away from the one-dimensional black latex dominatrix wear of years past.

On the contrary, these styles are candy-colored, ruffly, patterned, and altogether playful!  Here are a few favorites from ultra-hot designers Pandora Deluxe, Inner Sanctum, and Maggie Delena (click on the pictures for more info on these sexy clothing lines!): Read the rest of this entry

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