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Video Of The Dirty Blonde’s Debut Burlesque Performance!

Performing burlesque for the first time was the biggest thrill in the world! What is it about glitter, rhinestones, and twirling pasties that feels so right?

Here is video from my very first night on stage as a burlesque performer. Hope you love it!

See anything you like in this act? Have suggestions about ways I could improve? Leave a comment and let me know…

2 New Must-See Movies: 50s Fashions Are Back!

Michelle Williams, star of "My Week With Marilyn" in the October issue of Vogue.

By all accounts, the new films “My Week with Marilyn”  and “J. Edgar” are must-sees!

These movies (one depicting a week in the life of Marilyn Monroe and the other a biopic about the life of J. Edgar Hoover) could both easily have been botched. When trying to resurrect a larger-than-life icon, there are many potential pitfalls. Sometimes acting can give way to mere impersonation. Sometimes a script can dissolve into cheeky nostalgia with no substance underneath.

But not this time.

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Ideal Eye-Catching Burlesque Gloves!

Burlesque babes will love love love these new shirred shoulder gloves (available now from Black Cat Closet)!

These silky gloves catch the light beautifully and come in 10 different eye-poppingly bright colors such as emerald green, fuschia, red, purple, and more. They also feature ruching all the way up their sides, which makes them sit elegantly on your arm (no unsightly bunching or clumping here).

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Grocery Shopping? These Reusable Bags Have Real Retro Style!

These days, everyone needs a reusable shopping bag (or two) for grocery trips. But why shouldn’t your shopping bag match the rest of your vintage style?

The answer is: it should! So take a moment to look through some of these cuties and find the one that fits. Ranging from polka dots to hula girls to cherries to Wonder Woman to Marilyn herself, these bags are real keepers that won’t clash with your carefully cultivated retro flair.

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Ditch That Boring Wallet: These Retro Cigarette Cases Are Much More Fun!

Forget that old boring wallet you’ve been clinging to. It’s high time for a change!

Retro cigarette cases are the way to go. They’re slimmer, sleeker, and more eye-catching than that tired leather wallet. Think of this as the more organized more streamlined new you.

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6 Coffee Table Books Guaranteed To Sex Things Up

If you’re like me, most coffee table books bore you to tears. Want to peruse pictures of flowers? Puppies? Snowy woods, perhaps?

Well, no more! Here are 6 coffee table books that will instantly add a flavor of naughty fun to your living room. Go on. Indulge in one of these beauties and leave your guests feeling more adventurous in no time.

#1: Burlesque and the Art Of The Teese

You’ll find no nudity here. On the contrary, this book is all about the tease. Here, Dita pays tribute to cheeky 1940s pin-ups, fetish photography, and classic burlesque in this beautifully-produced volume. Everything about this read feels lavish and surprisingly addictive. You (and your guests) won’t be able to pull yourselves away. It’s sure to tickle anyone’s fancy.

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