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The $12K Sex Toy Giveaway

$12,000 (Yes, you read that right.) $12,000 worth of sex toys! Really!

I for one almost fell out of my chair when I heard about this particular charity fundraiser. The Crystal Causes organization is raising money for 7 very worthy causes (including The Center For Sex and Culture, Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE), The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, and others).

They are giving away 12 baskets each filled with over $1,000 worth of luxury sex toys. We’re talking the cream of the crop here: products by companies like Crystal Delights, Duncan Charles, and the truly amazing Lelo.

Read more here about all the ways to enter. There are lots of choices. You can fan Crystal Charities on Facebook, tweet about the giveaway, donate as little as $8 to one of the charities, or even convince a celebrity to re-tweet about the fundraiser; it’s up to you.

So, good luck! Let the games begin!

Heard of any other sexy charity fundraisers? If so, let us know…

Sex Things Up: Tools For The Perfect Romantic Bath

Indulge in the ultimate sensual bathing experience!

photo by Dennis Wong

1) Start with the aphrodesiac qualities of a Coco De Mer Milk Bath ($25 from Coco De Mer USA).

2) Place floating candles on the water ($4.99 for 4, Bed Bath & Beyond).

3)Sprinkle a bag of fragrant fresh rose petals ($52.50, pink or red, from

And let the atmosphere inspire you.

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