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Gloves For Ladylike 50s Elegance

Retro gloves in Cream with ruffles from

Gloves are often overlooked nowadays. Even retro-loving fashionistas sometimes forget to include this elegant accessory in their wardrobe.

Gals may score the perfect 50s swing dress, paint on a flawless cat-eye, and learn to shape their hair into lovely Victory Rolls; but many ignore the final vintage touch: gloves. Read the rest of this entry

The Vespa: ALWAYS Retro Chic!

Nothing says summer cool like a Vespa!

This is the mod mode of transportation for the  gorgeous Audrey Hepburns and Marcello Mastroiannis of the world. Ladies, pull on a bright head scarf, gents pull on some retro shades, and feel the wind on your face and the sun at your back as you ride in style!

Not only do they look great with everything from wrap dresses to swing skirts to capris, Vespas are also surprisingly easy to drive. (You don’t even need a motorcycle license to use the 50cc model!) So take one out for a spin today.

Need a little more inspiration? This uber-stylish Gwen Stefani video “Cool” is overflowing with 50s style, suave italian cool, and rockin’ Vespas! Just take a peek:

Much more, including  videos, after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Patent Leather, Sparkles, and Bows: Rockin’ Vintage Purses From Lux De Ville!

Pin-up flair: the playful "High Seas Collection" from Lux De Ville

Looking for some dazzling arm candy? Lux De Ville fits the bill!

This modern company produces purses with true rockabilly flair. With gorgeous old-school details like kiss closures, leopard-print, roses, tattoo patterns and bows, these bags are where it’s at!

Available in a huge array of styles and colors. Feast your eyes:

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Hair Flowers!

Blue Orchid Hair Flower Clip

Hair flowers are an over-the-top and utterly beautiful style accent! They pack a retro punch and are very very versatile.

Unfortunately, these accesories are not used often in the modern day; but you can change all that by making them part of your new wardrobe!

The rule of thumb for retro hair accessories is: the bigger the better. Try out a big red rose with your favorite vintage dress. Dress up an elegant nighttime ensemble with several large gardenias Billie-Holiday-style. Or sex up that breezy summer dress (or even bathingsuit!) with a brightly-colored tropical flower!

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Bullet Bras For ‘Sweater Girls’

If you want a vintage 1950s silhouette, a bullet bra is a must.

This was a classic look during the era of the 1940s and 50s. In fact, many legendary movie stars like Lana Turner and Jayne Mansfield sported them often. These bras are perfect for chests large and small, managing to provide maximum lift and extreme shaping without the need for an underwire. You can’t pull off a classic “sweater girl” look without one!

Much more, including video and photos, after the jump.

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Awesome Retro Cherry-Themed Accessories

Cherry accessories add pin-up fun to even the most Plain Jane of outfits.

They are the ultimate flirty symbol. These little fruits are sweet yet bad-ass at the same time, sporting lots of cute retro flair. Here are some of my faves. Give them a try! You’ll be glad you did.

Just get a load of these rockin’ cherry pumps.

Lots more after the jump:

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This Retro Leopard Swing Coat: A Must-Have For Fall

It doesn’t happen often, but once in a blue moon I come across a find that makes my jaw drop to the floor. This retro coat is one such beauty.

If you’re striving for an authentic 50s look this fall, this overcoat is a must. It’s comes in a cute animal print fabric and has a flared “swing” cut at the bottom that really moves. Ends just above the knee to show off those gams but still keep you toasty during the chilly season. It also has an adorable hood to pull over your head and keep you even cozier.

At $150 from Pinup Girl Clothing, this high quality coat is a real deal. A solid coat is an investment and a real wardrobe staple. Make your coat purchase one that counts, one you can wear with any retro fall or winter outfit and that will last for years to come.

I know it’s hard to contemplate cold weather when you’re sweltering in the August heat, but this is absolutely the best time to purchase coats. You’ll have your choice of sizes and styles before they’re picked over. Especially this one! Pinup Girl Clothing always sells out of styles fast; so if you’re lusting after their swing coat, don’t wait.

So, what do you think? Do you already own this coat? Have you found another retro overcoat that you love even more? If so, let us know.

The Perfect Rockabilly Ponytail

You’ve seen this vintage style on the likes of Gwen Stefani and Scarlett Johansson. Now get it for yourself!

Here are two videos that show you how to elevate the everyday ponytail from a sloppy modern look to very polished hairstyle with retro flair.

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Style Icon: Louise Brooks

Like any true style icon, Louise Brooks is instantly recognizable. That crisp bob haircut, those pearls, those dark soft eyes. This was the one star who perfectly embodied the jazz age and the rebellious free spirit of those times.

Dancer, showgirl, fashion model, courtesan…this bold girl did it all. She was famous for her vamp movie roles, her shocking lesbian dalliances (including a one night affair with Greta Garbo), and her scandalous nude photoshoots for 1920s pin-up magazines.

More, including video, after the jump:

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Work Wear With A Twist: Vintage Perfect

Having trouble finding pin-up dresses that are also work appropriate? Well, look no farther. Here are 5 adorable outfits with enough coverage for the office, but enough style for Joan Holloway herself.

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