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New “Deco” Lingerie Line From WKD is Red Hot!

The incredibly eye-catching bra, garter belt, and knickers from What Katie Did's new "Deco" lingerie line.

What Katie Did has long been known for it’s beautiful re-creations of vintage lingerie. Their products show elaborate attention to detail, giving us modern women access to authentic retro lingerie styles.

And their new “Deco” line is no exception! This style is simple yet incredibly bold and looks phenomenal on stage. With its deep black satin and impossible-to-miss red trim, this line is appropriate for both burlesque beauties looking to wow their audiences and stylish women wanting to wow their man.

Indeed, this line looks great either by candlelight or under the stage lights. And if you’re looking for yet another way to show it off, the beautiful red and black satin would even look great peeking out under a tight angora sweater! Read the rest of this entry

Bullet Bras For ‘Sweater Girls’

If you want a vintage 1950s silhouette, a bullet bra is a must.

This was a classic look during the era of the 1940s and 50s. In fact, many legendary movie stars like Lana Turner and Jayne Mansfield sported them often. These bras are perfect for chests large and small, managing to provide maximum lift and extreme shaping without the need for an underwire. You can’t pull off a classic “sweater girl” look without one!

Much more, including video and photos, after the jump.

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The World’s Best Off-The-Rack Corset

Craving an authentic vintage look? The right undergarments are more important than you might think!

A good corset can give you that bombshell hourglass figure you’ve always wanted, whether you’re currently struggling with tummy rolls and back fat or have a lean boyish shape badly in need of curves.

After searching high and low, I’m proud to say I’ve discovered the World’s Best Off-The-Rack Corset. If you’re a first time buyer, this is the one you want, ladies. Trust me.

More, including video, after the jump:

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Peaches ‘n Cream: A Sexy Vintage Trend In Lingerie

The Sophia Corset from What Katie Did

All that was old is new again, as the saying goes. And that certainly rings true in today’s world of high-fashion lingerie.

Throughout the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, peach was the color of choice for the boudoir. Closer to flesh tones than white, but not at all drab (as “nude” fabrics always tend to be) peach silks and laces were elegant yet subtle…And thankfully, after disappearing for several decades, they’re now experiencing a comeback in a big way.

Whites and ivories are much lighter than any skin tone, leaving telltale outlines that can be seen through thin tops or dresses; yet peach is picture-perfect under clothes. Peach colored satin also lends a bit of a romantic vintage flair to otherwise tame underthings.

So what do you think? Is this a trend you can get behind? Or is it too subtle to really sex up a wardrobe?

More pics after the jump:

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